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March 15, 2010

Cinefex #121 - The Tippett Touch

Cinefex #121 | www.tippett.com

This is great, I love this...

From its humble beginnings in a garage to state-of-the-art facility at the forefront of the much-changed visual effects industry, Tippett Studio, recently observed its quarter-century anniversary. Now Cinefex honors that milestone with a career retrospective of its renowned founder, Phil Tippett, who first distinguished himself as a stop-motion animator in the Star Wars and Robocop series, before exploring the short-lived go-motion process with Dragonslayer, and then plunging into computer animation with the groundbreaking Jurassic Park and dozens of subsequent films ranging from Starship Troopers and Hellboy to Cloverfield and, most recently, The Twilight Saga.

See Also: The traditional magic behind Cinefex's first ever illustrated cover from artist Mark Raats

The March> 2010 edition of the magazine carried an in-depth editorial on Tippett along with a feature on Tippett Studio's 25 Anniversary and even though

this highly regarded magazine has never featured an illustration on its cover before, Don kindly granted me an enormous amount of freedom with the design. Raats step-by-step work in progress HERE


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