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March 17, 2010

New Moon Named Showest Top Film

The Twilight Saga: New Moon has been named the film of 2009 by filmgoers voting for the Fandango Fan Choice Award at the upcoming ShoWest convention in Las Vegas.

The sequel beat Avatar and eight other movies to claim the top prize at the cinema owners event, which starts later this month.

New Moon garnered 66 per cent of the vote.

A few months ago, it was announced that The Twilight Saga: New Moon was up for Fandango's ShoWest Fan Choice Award, and that its competition ring was pretty vast (including the following films: 2012, Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Avatar, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, Monsters Vs. Aliens, Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian, Star Trek, The Blind Side, The Hangover, The Proposal, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Up, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

Today, MTV announced that New Moon beat out its competition with a whopping sixty-six percent of the total user vote.

MTV also quoted a Fandango representative to say that while many people might've expected Avatar (which has raked in ticket sales to the tune of over two billion dollars) to win, "never bet against the passion, loyalty and dedication of the vociferous 'Twilight' fans."


Posted by dschnee at March 17, 2010 12:30 AM