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July 20, 2010

Interview: Eric Leven VFX Supervisor on ECLIPSE

While speaking to actors about the movie they’re promoting is always great, if you really want to find out why certain decisions were made behind the scenes, you’ve got to talk to the filmmakers and the crew that worked on the movie. And that’s why I think fans of the Twilight movie franchise are going to enjoy my interview with Eric Leven from Tippett Studios. Because during our extended conversation, Leven (who was the visual effects supervisor on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) discussed why the wolf effects were done a certain way, the difference between Chris Weitz and David Slade on the look of New Moon and Eclipse, is Tippet Studios working on Breaking Dawn, and we also talked about 3D and other projects like Priest and Immortals.

While the entire interview is really interesting as Leven is completely honest about why the wolves looked a certain way, the thing most fans are going to love is the very end of the interview. That’s because he talks about the very limited Twilight collectibles that were made for the New Moon and the Eclipse crew. If you’re a Twilight collector, I’m pretty sure you don’t have these. Hit the jump to watch the interview. It’s time indexed so you can watch the parts you’re interested in. (collider.com)

Eric Leven Visual Effects Supervisor on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

Below are out crew gifts that were handed out at the end of New Moon and Eclipse!


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