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November 18, 2010

All Hell Will Break Loose

Really Nick? with an expression like that... In theaters January 7th.

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November 15, 2010

Eons after the Gods...

won their mythic struggle against the Titans, a new evil threatens the land. Mad with power, King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) has declared war against humanity. Amassing a bloodthirsty army of soldiers disfigured by his own hand, Hyperion has scorched Greece in search of the legendary Epirus Bow, a weapon of unimaginable power forged in the heavens by Ares. Only he who possesses this bow can unleash the Titans, who have been imprisoned deep within the walls of Mount Tartaros since the dawn of time and thirst for revenge. In the king's hands, the bow would rain destruction upon mankind and annihilate the Gods. But ancient law dictates the Gods must not intervene in man's conflict. They remain powerless to stop Hyperion...until a peasant named Theseus (Henry Cavill) comes forth as their only hope. Secretly chosen by Zeus, Theseus must save his people from Hyperion and his hordes...

No rest for the weary, last Friday I finished up on SOW, Today I begin once again on IMO.

Tarsem Singh's third feature film, Immortals.

Universal Pictures has announced that its 3D historical epic Immortals will be released on 11.11.11. Or November 11, 2011.

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November 12, 2010

Season of the Witch Done! + Poster + Trailer

We finished off the last of our work late last night... it was a crazy little show, lots of shots in a short amount of time... time, I'm looking forward to taking a tiny bit of that priceless stuff off now. To complete this work in the time we had though, I don't see how we could have pulled it off without Nuke. So, so happy to be using it now.

So they released a new Poster and Trailer this week for Season of the Witch... there not giving away any our stuff in the trailer, and it looks like this will release on the 7th of next year... good times, ~enjoy.

Updated Synopsis
Oscar(r) winner Nicolas Cage (National Treasure, Ghost Rider) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Hellboy II, Sons of Anarchy) star in this supernatural action adventure about a heroic Crusader and his closest friend who return home after decades of fierce fighting, only to find their world destroyed by the Plague. The church elders, convinced that a girl accused of being a witch is responsible for the devastation, command the two to transport the strange girl to a remote monastery where monks will perform an ancient ritual to rid the land of her curse. They embark on a harrowing, action-filled journey that will test their strength and courage as they discover the girl's dark secret and find themselves battling a terrifyingly powerful force that will determine the fate of the world.

To see it all quicktime like head on over to apple.com/trailers...

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