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January 11, 2011

Piranha 3D Blu-ray/DVD Released!

Piranha 3D was released today on
[Blu-ray 3D] / [Blu-ray] / DVD

We did just a handful of shots, but it was a mighty fun handful and one of the best shows to work on in 2010. The one shot I had in the movie encompassed two halves of a bikini clad spring breaker falling into the water, the camera under water looking up at the surface as her upper torso splashes in and sinks past us... so awesome. It was great because went on the stage and shot in a big water tank, bits of bloody cheese cloth sinking toward camera, as well as surface splatter elements that were composited in the shot.

Piranha 3D Old School American Horror

Alexandre Aja managed to succeed where Adam Green failed, by delivering a fun gory and enjoyable horror film that didn’t beat you over the head with wink at the camera moments. Merging horror and comedy is a hard task...

Piranha 3D blends all the aspects of an 80s horror film beautifully. From its gratuitous nudity to legendary beach slaughter scene, it forces you to cringe, cheer and laugh, while never missing a beat. -horroryearbook.com

Even with all of the deadpan dramas and edgy thrillers we watch, it's still nice to relax with a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. Piranha 3D is definitely one of those movies. Full of grotesque special effects, cheesy B-movie dialogue, clever cameos, and loads of nudity, it's a great for those nights when you want to turn off your brain and turn on the TV — with bonus points if you actually have a 3D TV. -uncrate.com


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