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April 3, 2011

Priest & Immortals Panel @ Wondercon

Checked out the Immortals panel on Saturday in SF @ Wondercon... unknowingly we arrived in the main hall just as Priest footage was assaulting the senses, by the time we sat down, the lights were up and it was panel discussions action for Priest. Afterwards, a second viewing of the latest footage ended the panel, which I'm not going to lie, it got me hyped to go see this movie.

Around 20 minutes after the Priest panel... Tarsem and the producer Mark Canton come out, Tarsem appeared nervous, but that all changed after the world premiere of the teaser trailer for Immortals... and once the panel began. The teaser was solid and looked fantastic, I think Immortals is going to be a little brutal, a little bad ass, and a whole lot'a beautiful.

Some of the many interesting takes... Tarsem and his passion to put his very DNA into his work, "I don't have children. The only way I can pass my genes or my means on is through my films right now." Nice.

It was said during the panel that Immortals was based off the idea that it's a Caravaggio Painting meets Fight Club, to the Caravaggio influence, which Tarsem admitted was only a starting point. He said he approached the framing and lighting with the Caravaggio influence, but admitted that when you make a film, you often have to adapt based simply on the shots you get and the performances you get. My personal favorite is after a question from the crowd had been answered by Tarsem, and the questioner would say thank you, he'd quickly almost simultaneously respond with "Pleasure". I don't know, haha, loved that.

Tarsem is f'ing awesome, already a solid fan, and now even more so after listening to him speak, I'll let the blogosphere flesh out the rest. Part of the panel is below minus the Q&A session, that had some gems of it's own, but this is a good bit of it below:



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