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July 23, 2011

Immortals Panel @ Comic-Con 2011


@ Wondercon Back in April, we saw the first trailer and footage from Tarsem's Immortals... this time around the Immortals posse came to the largest stage of geekdom at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego.  It sounds like they have shown some, if not all of our sequence... crazy.

Various panel action recaps and spoilers below:

SDCC 2011: Tarsem Singh's 'Immortals' Panel

Tarsem revealed that the actual film is quite darker in tone than recent ads have revealed.

Footage shown was an amazing visual feast for the eyes. Imagine a cross between 300, Spartacus: Blood & Sand, or Troy, but completely in 3D, and on an exponentially more epic scale. Diamond arrows, golden armor, and thousands of warriors shed blood across the screen in terrific stylized slow motion. (geeksofdoom.com)

'Immortals' Is 'More Hardcore' Than The Trailers Suggest

The first clip was cut like a trailer and, for the most part, showed what we already knew. This movie looks like 300 if it was renamed "300 Million." It takes that kind of glossy, shirt-off look and puts it on a much grander scale with the story of a human (Cavill) who finds himself somehow embroiled in a battle between the Gods and Titans. We saw action scenes where the main protagonist skillfully distributed violence around the room, leaving a cloudy mist behind them. Bodies exploding as they met with weapons. Severed limbs and sprouting blood. You get the drift.

The second clip, played a bit later in the panel (and, oddly, played twice), showed an massive, massive room with statues of Titans. Five Gods, lead by Zeus (Luke Evans) transport in with a mission to unleash hell. They're fighting a sort of more muscular, lean, orc type creature and the action is exciting but familiar. Long, static takes of martial arts moves that all end in the slow motion destruction of one or the other combatant. One example is a trident is stuck into a neck, rips off the head, the head is stomped on the ground and then flinged up into another enemy. We're talking bloody, cool stuff. (slashfilm.com)

Tarsem Talks 3D Visuals and Screens Fight Scene Footage

Singh, producers Mark Canton and Gianni Nunnari come on stage.  Singh says the tone of the movie is darker than what the trailers have shown and the footage we're about to see prove that.  We then get to the new footage and this is the first time I've seen scenes from the film in 3D.  It looks good and Tarsem, a director who likes to fill the frame, seems suited to the format.  The footage we saw is also a lot bloodier (CGI blood, but lots of it).  We see giant hammers smashing skulls, tridents decapitating monsters, and we see Theseus fighting a minotaur. (collider.com)

In new Immortals footage, the gods are young, pissed off, and ultra-violent

Later, the panel showed more footage, this time of a climactic fight scene. We find ourselves inside a mountain -- I'd guess the Titans' prison of Mount Tartarus -- in which there is a huge open-air chamber, encircled by huge interlocking statues. A masked figure shoots an arrow that unleashes a huge white orb, attracting the attention of blackened, inhuman creatures.

Then fiery golden rays shine down on the mountain, heralding the appearance of Zeus and his warriors. Zeus tells the waiting monsters, "None of you will leave this place", and, with that, the fight begins. The fight is brutal and bloody, featuring decapitations, disembowelings, impalings, people (and monsters) being chopped in half and hurled into stone walls... basically, every insane thing that could happen in a fight does happen, (io9.com)

For your complete fill of the panel, I've shared 10 clips from the comic-con panel in the extended post from (thehdroom.com)


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