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March 26, 2005

Son of the Mask - Post Production Summary

A New Line Cinema Release

Directed by Lawrence Guterman

Special Effects

Special Effects Supervisor - Brian Cox

Makeup & Animatronics

Captive Audience Productions
Alvey animatronics / Mask & Odin makeups / early Otis transformation / Loki manifestations
Makeup Effects - Keith Vanderlaan
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor - Brian Sipe

Visual Effects

Visual Effects Supervisor - James E. Price
Visual Effects Producer - Susan Macleod

Industrial Light & Magic
CG Alvey & Alvey morphs / CG Mask car / live-action Alvey digital enhancements
81 Shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Edward Hirsh
Animation Supervisor - Tom Bertino

Tippett Studio
CG Otis / Loki Mask animation / glowing vortex / digital matte paintings
153 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Thomas Schelesny
CG Supervisor - Todd Stinson

Giant Killer Robots
Mask donning & removal / Loki-Tim showdown
77 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Michael Schmitt

Pacific Title & Arts Studio
wire removal & 2D compositing
108 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - David Sosalla

Digital Dimension
Tim's daydream / Loki Mask morph
27 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Benoit Girand

Gang of Seven Animation
2D cartoon fantasy sequences / end sequence 3D cartoon
4 shots
Animation Supervisors - Rich Arons, Tim Sito

animated sperm sequence
11 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Jeff Kleiser

Illusion Arts
digital matte maintings - arena interiors
3 shots
Visual Effects Supervisors - Syd Dutton, Bill Taylor

Mask exhumation
1 shot
Visual Effects Supervisor - Phil Jones

Look! Effects
2D Composites
3 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Max Ivins

Teamworks Digital
3D monitor graphics
2 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Dave Allen

Pixel Liberation Front
Previsualization Supervisor - Chris Batty


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