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March 22, 2005

Son of the Mask in Cinefex #101

In the latest issue of Cinefex, Son of the Mask is covered in great detail from the work Tippett completed, ILM's digital baby Alvey, and a host of shots from other vendors including: Giant Killer Robots, Pacific Title & Arts Studio, Digital Dimension, and more.

See Also: (on page 99) my first ever publicity still from a shot I composited published in Cinefex!

The shot above is from the Odin Beach sequence. Loki is the guy with the black spiked hair in the foreground shot on a blue screen, while the God Odin in the background was shot on a green screen. The background sky is a digital matte painting by Kent Matheson, CG clouds were generated in and around Odin from out FX department. I ended up developing the look of these shots with multiple color treatments, god rays, color and atmospheric contamination, and how Odin blended in with the sky and clouds.

Son of the Mask
Acme Effects

In a zany sequel to The Mask, the 1994 comedy hit that provided fertile ground for the comic contortions of actor Jim Carrey, Son of the Mask introduces an all-new plot and cast of characters, whose encounters with the transformative Mask wreak havoc on their household. Director Lawrence Guterman, in search of Chuck Jones-inspired animation and a classic cartoon aesthetic, turned to visual effects supervisor Jamie Price, and a team that included special effects supervisor Brian Cox, makeup effects and animatronics artists at Captive Audience Productions and animators at Tippett Studio, Industrial Light & Magic and nearly a dozen other digital vendors.

Article by Joe Fordham


Next Issue #102 will feature "Constantine"


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