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June 23, 2005

Constantine - Post Production Summary

I received the July Issue of Cinefex, #102 in the mail today! I ended up creating 5 hi res stills from my hell apartment shot showing a few stages of the shot for Cinefex, but it looks like none of them made it in the issue, :( A good number of other Tippett Shots did though. I was thinking that Constantine wouldn't get a very big spread considering it's tossed in with Star Wars III, Sin City, and Hitchickers's Guide, but it's a nice sized article covering Constantine's VFX, good stuph, just dissapointed the stills we sent that I worked on didn't make it in...

One thing to note is that they do show 2 shots of the Vermin Man done by ESC in this issue, 2 of which didn't make it into the movie and were re-worked and extended by Tippett Studio. The work they did on Vermin Man though was very cool, so it's good to see ESC's work on VM in there.

A Warner Brothers Release
Directed by Francis Lawrence

Special Effects

SPecial Effects Supervisor - Allen Hall

Makeup & Animatronics

Stan Winston Studio
demon character designs & animatronics / exorcism prosthetics / Vermin Man suit/ Balthazar makeup / holy water flesh burns
Makeup & Animatronics Supervisors - John Rosengrant, Shane Mahan

Visual Effects

Visual Effects Supervisor - Michael Fink
Visual Effects Producers - Donna Langston, Denise Davis

Tippett Studio
Hell environments / demonic extrusions / exorcism / Vermin Man / Mammon / Chas angel
175 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Craig Hayes

ESC Entertainment
Anela abduction / time slows / Vermin Man / sprinkler sequence / CG Balthazar
135 shots
Visual Effects Supervisors - George Murphy, Greg Juby

CIS Hollywood
L.A. Exteriors / Hennessy death / Balthazar makeup manipulation / shattered Balthazar / Satan drags Constantine
146 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Bryan Hirota

cattle dying / Beeman's death / electric chair / light command
16 shots
Visual Effects Supervisors - Colin Strause, Greg Strause

Furious FX
demon eyes / Hennessy eye rollbacks / wing embers / CG veins / water into wine
22 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - David Lingenfelser

New Deal Studios
miniature construction & photography - Angela's office destruction
Miniature Effects Supervisor - Ian Hunter

Hatch Production
5 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - Deak Ferrand

Pacific Title
traffic light removals/ misc fixes
16 shots
Visual Effects Supervisor - David Sosalla

3D animatics
Previz Supervisor - Rich Lee

Illusion Arts
Constantine apartment matte painting
1 shot
Matte Artists - Syd Dutton

Fantasy II
water & cloud elements
Visual Effects Supervisor - Gene Warren, Jr.

-CINEFEX 102 p38, July 2005


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