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June 26, 2006

Pirates 2 Opens at Disneyland

Last weekend, Disneyland LA hosted the premier of Dead Man's Chest as well as the newly, revamped, Johnny Deep'afied version of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. One of my good friends and fellow compositor down in LA was there for the festivities...

"We got there at 6am only to find a line reaching the mid point between the two parks disneyland and california adventure. And all the lines were open, so there were a lot of folks. We decided to ride whatever we could and not line up all day, everyone was lining up for the red carpet and the rides were virtually empty even the popular ones.

anyway...we went to lineup around 2ish with the red
carpet slated to start around 6pm....we found booths
lined up on the opposite side of the crowds. Each
booth had a company tag name...i found mtv, vh1, and
cnn...decided to wait next to them. (niiice)

MTV was the money spot the guys there told us we were
at the right spot...all the stars would be coming by
for a chit chat....and when it started they were
right, we were right in front of the action...

all in all it was fun...especially cuz i got to work
on the movie..yeaaaa!

About the ride...the media was able to ride it and the
cnn guy told us that some changes included barbosa
replacing the pirate in the ship scene as you exit the
tunnel in the ride, capn' jack himself, and a wall of
mist with the ghostly davy jones projected as guests
passed in the pirate boats." - Thanks Zach!

Sweet-As! He could pretty much touch all the stars that came through the booth, and snapped off pictures of Christian Slater, James Cameron, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dennis Rodman (why were you there?), Tia Carrere, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Mackenzie Crook & Lee Arenberg (the 2 funny pirates), to name a few...and
Jerry Bruckheimer, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, and of course the man: Johnny Deep. The pictures were great, he was right there.

Here is some new Media!

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Set & Locations Special Featurette (quicktime)

See Also: themoviebox.net has a slew of TV Spots, one of which has one of my shots, this time my final comp in there not an ILM temp.
TV Spot #3
Dead Man's Chest @ themoviebox.net - Trailers/Clips


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