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June 29, 2006

Tippett Studio chooses the cineSpace

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Tippett Studio chooses the cineSpace suite for color management.
29 June 2006

Rising Sun Research, a developer of innovative solutions for dynamic media industries, announced today that Tippett Studio has chosen cineSpace for facility-wide color management. The cineSpace color management suite enables end-to-end pipeline calibration across multiple platforms and applications.


The complexity of calibration requirements at Tippett Studio demanded a flexible and adaptable solution, making cineSpace a natural fit. Artists in all departments - animation, match move, compositing, color correction and more - can now view their material with full confidence that they are seeing an accurate representation of the final result.

"We run a wide variety of applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms," explains Matt Tomlinson, Digital Imaging Supervisor at Tippett Studio. "The cineSpace suite was the right choice for us to use in conjunction with Shake, Photoshop and Maya, and even with tools we developed in-house. And having the capability to create custom profiles to match our film outs is a huge advantage. No other solution comes close in terms of solving our calibration issues."

The final decision came after a long period of collaboration between Rising Sun Research and Tippett Studio. "We've been working closely with Matt and the rest of the Tippett Studio team over the past two years," states Jeremy Pollard, VP of Sales at Rising Sun Research. "Our aim is to provide the tools that ensure consistency throughout their entire pipeline, making it simple for artists and supervisors alike."

cineSpace v2.1 is available immediately from Rising Sun Research and authorised resellers and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and IRIX platforms.

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