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June 14, 2006

Super Cinefex #106

The folks @ CINEFEX have updated the breakdown for issue #106 along with the cover of Superman in flight. The issue covers X-Men:The Last Stand, Poseidon, The Da Vinci Code, V for Vendetta, and of course Superman Returns... now you won't find any of our work in these shows, but there is some very cool work going on in these films and I just wanted to post some quick links if you want to learn more about it. (Click HERE for More)

Interesting Fact:
Tippett Studio, at one time was awarded the vfx work for the sequence that takes place at the end of Superman Returns (Red Sun). What happend, is after the ending of was re-written, Warner Bros. decided to put that chunk of work back out for bids... and, yeah... we didn't get that bit back in our hands. So it will be interesting to see how that all turned out. (in the trailer: think of the airplane screaming toward the earth, toward a baseball stadium, perhaps?)

So, Superman Returns hasn't been released just yet, but early reviews sound good.

As for X-Men: The Last Stand, Framestore, MPC, Weta Digital, and Hydraulx did some fantastic work, and below are a number of articles on that work. The work that Weta did was impressive, the Bobby/Pyro Fight, Car-B-Queue, and the Phoenix/Alcatraz battle (Wolverine charging up towards Phoenix) was the bulk of their work.

Another impressive chunk of work was from the 'young' Professor X and Magneto during the introduction of the film. Lola VFX, a branch from Hydraulx handled the task of taking 25 years off of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. This was done entirely in 2D! Digital Cosmetic Makeover! - Great fxguide.com Article

Articles to vfx.geek.out on:

X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men : Extreme Makeover
X-Men: The Last VFX Stand

Wipe out: 'Poseidon' Fluid Simulations and VFX at ILM
VFXTalk Meets the VFX Masters Behind Poseidon
Water, Water, Everywhere...
Poseidon: Making a Big CG Splash

The Da Vinci Code
Would DaVinci Have Been Compositor or Animator?
Secret History
Cracking Da Vinci Code’s Crafty VFX

V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta and VFX


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