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July 11, 2006

Superman Returns Pixar Screening

VES held a screening of Superman Returns tonight, I held out a couple of weeks to see it @ Pixar. The theatre at Pixar is a true movie going experience, the sound and picture there is just fantastic, and it's a stark reminder that most theatres simply stink in terms of picture and sound quality...crowds...overpriced.food.bev...cell.phones...tall.people.. wait why do I go to the movies? :)

I went with my fiance and one of her close friends and her husband from overseas here for the wedding, they got a kick going to Pixar, as I did, checking out Pixar and the artwork on display, we took a small tour before the show started. I hadn't been there since the Starship Troopers 2 screening so it's still fun and exciting for me as well.

As far as Superman Returns goes... I Loved It! Great fun, it had some superb action sequences and camera work that felt great for the boy in blue. I thought the VFX looked great, nothing stood out I was just along for the ride, good stuff.

I'll be updating my blog with a slew of updates soon, playing catch up on some recent events and tidbits... I went off and got married and honeymooned, so I'm back now, and back at work, and getting back in the groove of things, so stay tooned for some new posts soon, thanks.


Posted by dschnee at July 11, 2006 11:20 AM