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December 14, 2006

Crew Screening of Charlotte's Web

Tippett is treating us to a crew screening of Charlotte's Web tonight! One night before it opens in theatres tomorrow, fancy that! Aruna went to the VES screening @ Paramount Studios in Hollywood last weekend, head on over to digitalgypsy for the scoop!

I'm excited for tonight, to see all the hard work, animator sweat, and CG Fur that is Templeton on the big screen, I came in toward the end of Tippett's work on Charlotte's Web, so there is a lot of work I will be seeing for the first time tonight.

I'm also excited because I get a chance to bring my cousin Melissa along and share the crew screening experience and show her some of the shots I got to work on!

A couple more tid-bits, this is cool! KTVU Mornings on 2 will be interviewing our Compositing Supervisor for Charlotte's Web, Colin Epstein, LIVE at 8:45AM Today! about our work on Charlotte's Web.

*** Check Out That Interview *** A STAR IS BORN: Visual Effects Artist Colin Epstein Talks About The Creation Of 'Charlotte's Web" Star Templeton The Mouse ***

Secondly, breaking away from Charlotte's Web for a moment, It was exactly 1 year ago today, that King Kong was unleased and released to the world, I can not believe it has been over a year since I was in New Zealand and got Engadged! This year has flown right by!

Lastly, check out a Clip from the movie with Templeton talking to Wilbur 'The Rat is Handsome' (comingsoon.net)


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