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May 14, 2007

Disenchantment & The Chronicles of Spiderwick

2007_echanted_amyAdams.jpgSo I was officially wrapped up on Enchanted... well damn 2 Fridays ago (5/4), and am now in my second week on Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black's The Spiderwick Chronicles, the theatrical movie based on their popular children's books.

There are still a few folks tying up some loose ends on Enchanted but it's pretty much wrapped up! I've been doing a number of EPK (Electronic Press Kit) shots, where you breakdown the shot and showcase some of the bits it took to put the shot together. I ended up completing 23 shots on the show, which turned out to be middle of the road in terms of numbers, but I tend to get some of the more difficult shots which take longer to complete. All and all Enchanted was a good show to work on, sometimes a stressful struggle, other times a fun challenge. Disney is really excited about this one, they had their first temp screening that included some of the general public last month and the response was great! Disney is going to be marketing this one big time for the Thanksgiving weekend opener. I'm excited for it, hopefully this one will do well! :)

You can check out a couple of tiny gems from Enchanted with this poster and also a preview clip (at the very end) from the Disney Movie Surfers...

As I mentioned above I'm officially on The Spiderwick Chronicles! It feels great to be on another show after 10 months on Enchanted... Not much to report on Spiderwick as of yet, but if you know of the books, then you know about the creatures involved, were working with lots of goblins, goblins, bull goblins, more goblins, and a few more very cool creatures. More about all of this later...

That's all for now, I have had a few posts on Spiderwick thus far, check those out here


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