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July 1, 2008


Or lack there of... all though many things have been on my mind and there has been much to post about, I have been a bit busy the last 2 months. My wife and I bought and moved into a new home, went on a short vacation, was home sick for a bit, other family related things have left me with not much energy to update my blog, but I plan to shortly, and a lot of it will be dated back to some events missed in recent weeks. (RIP Stan Winston)

In short, I have been working on a number of different projects at work, bouncing between them back and forth and back again... still working on Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua at times and that project is nearly completed.

I was also working on a project for Texas Instruments DLP. We have been creating a 3D spot for DLP that will run in front of the 3D projection movies in the near future, much like the well known THX sound spots that run before the movies. If you are curious how DLP works then find out here. It's a pretty cool piece and it should look pretty neat in 3D.

Wolverine is coming up shortly and there are a couple of other projects going on I'm not at liberty to state just yet, but I hope to have more about that later.

anyhow... updates will start to show up soon'ish :)


Posted by dschnee at July 1, 2008 8:22 AM