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June 28, 2008

Movie Day

This was the first time I have gone to see 3 movies in one day, whew, getting tired even writing it... there have been many double features, but no trilogies. First up was the The Incredible Hulk, then I lightened the load with Kung Fu Panda, and topped it off with some sweet assassin action with Wanted.

Hulk was decent, but not great, and for the most part It's more Incredible than the first HULK. I thought Kung Fu Panda brought the awesomeness on screen, it wasn't amazing, but a whole lot of fun. I ended the evening with a treat, I Wanted more from of that fantastic action, more of those dramatic highly detailed extreme close up shots, and to be honest a bit more from the ending, but It was a blast to watch as it had a lot of candy for the eye... and it has MoFree in it!?!
enough said.


Posted by dschnee at June 28, 2008 10:09 AM