first about meyemind.com,
meyemind, ('my mind') started as a creative outlet for my artwork, hobbies, and any current events I found of interest, and has since evolved, as I have of the years into a hybrid of a professional and personal content. In part a documentary of mostly work related media, but remaining an outlet for more personal creative ventures, and these will begin to emerge more as time goes on.

secondly, what I do,
Digital Compositor - So, what is it you do exactly?

ok now about me,
Hi, this is David Schnee, I'm currently a digital compositor working on feature films for Tippett Studio in Berkeley, CA, I was born in San Jose, CA, grew up in the east bay, went to school in San Luis Obispo for a time, and back up to the bay area to attend the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. I have a deep love for art and artistry in all areas of life, its what really sparked my interest of getting into the CG/3D industry. It stems from one moment of inspiration. Almost 10 years ago, when I was in high school, I spent way too much time playing the popular first person shooter "Quake", so much in fact, I was in a clan(team) of around 7 others who played online together against other clans relentlessly into the wee hours of the night, every night, all summer, you get the idea...
It's quite addicting and damn fun, let me just tell you. So why am I telling you this... well one of our clansmen, "Mazinga" I'd come to find out worked in this industry at 3DO Games in Redwood City, CA. We got chatting about this, and 3D at the time was still pretty crappy, especially in games, and he sent me a still from an cinematic he was working on for a game at the time, which I'll never forget...

A very dark, fire light, mood filled image cloaked in atmosphere. Gazing up a flight of stairs, 2 large lion statues mark the sides, illuminated by fire from torches, your at the gates of an enourmous mysterious archway with ancient markings on the trim made of rock and wood. I could not believe how real and amazing that image felt to me, (at the time) but back then it shot realization through my veins, synaps sparked, and I knew that I wanted to do that. Having always been facinated by artists such as Carvagio, Jan Van Eyck, and Albinus, who are able to bleed so much life, deminsion, and detail from a 2d canvas is amazing.

This image is what sent me on my path venturing into this industry, it sent me to the Academy of Art College in Fall of 1998, where I spent the first 2 years studying and creating in the traditonal artforms inclcuding, sculputure, figure drawing, color and design. Moving to the computer side for the next 2 years, I gathered experience in all the areas of CG, modeling, lighting, animation, fx animation and compositing. I was first intrigued with 3D animation, but found that I enjoyed movies and visual effects much more, so I geared my studies in Houdini with effects animation, and compositing with many applications. I graduated with a BFA from the Academy of Art College in December of 2002, with emphasis in Computer Arts, majoring in Visual Effects for Film at Tv 'Compositing' and minoring in Visual Effects for Film and TV 'Effects Animation'.

I spent a good 4 months looking for work, and as luck would have it, I had the opportunity to work at Tippett Studio in Berkeley, CA working on Starship Troopers 2:Hero of the Federation as a Digital Compositor! I have since moved on to work on The Stepford Wives, Son of the Mask, and Contantine, Disney's The Shaggy Dog for Tippett Studio. I most recently returned from work on Peter Jackson's King Kong for Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand.